KAFFNY 2020 program (10/20-10/31)

In this year’s 14th annual KAFFNY festival, we’re going virtual and the films will be streamed online from October 20th to 31st.  We will premiere and launch new films to our streaming site (FestivalFlix) over the first five days of the festival.  Due to the economical impact on the creative industry this year, we want to share our program to our audience with no set ticket prices, and only ask for open donations from those who are able to give. 

Below is our schedule and program of films that are in our official selection.  Please take a look at these films and sign up to get an access code to stream the films during the festival.

Sign up for the access code and donate at: kaffny.eventbrite.com 

TUESDSAY  October 20th


streaming platform launch

Launch of KAFFNY FESTivalflix

A starter set of films to give everyone a taste of the festival.  Films in this program: This is your laugh, Coffee and a donut, One last Monster and Day by day

TUESDAY  October 20th


OPening night

short film competition

A showcast of films in our short film competition.  Films in this program: Wednesdays, Latchkeys, Blue grey, Secret lives of Asians at night, An object of merit and Mirror

WEDNESDAY  October 21st


international Documentary night

land of my father premiere

Our feature documentary night.  Films in this program:  Land of my father and Hajun Bloom

THURSDAY  October 22st


vr theater experience night

gamp premiere

While we can’t physically be in a theater, our VR theater will position you into a seat at a 360 theater for an immersive in theater experience.  Films in the program: GAMP and Ximbi Xombi X

FRIDAY  October 23rd


independent new wave night

sesang premiere

A showcase of a feature and a short independent new wave film.  Films in the program: Sesang and Da-Dzma

SATURDAY  October 24th


centerpiece feature night

gyopo premiere

Spotlight feature and the last films to premiere on FestivalFlix.  Films in the program: Gyopo and In Sync

SUNDAY  October 25th


SATURDAY October 31st

full program is live and available

festival Binge + special extras

All the films are up and available for streaming for a week.  We will add Q&A and extras for the festival during this time.

This is your laugh Q&A

Enjoy this fun Q&A with Director Chris Hollstein and Cinematographer Juli Lopez moderated by Patrick Epino of National Film society


National Film society (youtube channel)


one last monster Q&A

Get in depth with Writer/Director Gene Kim about his animation short film moderated by journalist and content creator Mufsin Mahbub (host of The Nerd Blast channel)


The Nerd Blast (youtube channel)



Check out this recording of the live GAMP Q&A with Sarah Todes, Diana Oh, Sipiwe Moyo, Rachel Wolther Moderated by Dae Hoon Kim of Über Reality.


Über Reality

Gyopo Q&A

Learn more about Gyopo with Writer/Director/Actor Samuel Kiehoon Lee and actress Sally Yoo in this Q&A moderated by KAFFNY Deputy program director Mark Singh.



Latchkeys Q&A

“Infinite Cinema” award
For embodying the values of KAFFNY Infinite Cinema by telling a cross-cultural coming-of-age story with a touching universal theme.

Learn more about the making of Latchkeys with Writer/Director E.C. Timmer and Actresses, Meilani Sato (young Jenny)  and SunHee Seo (adult Jenny).  Moderated by Stephanie Giang (Web Show Page Producer for FOX News, and FOX Asian Community Exchange (ACE) Member.)


blue grey Q&A

“Best performance” award
The film brought to life an intimate story of two lead characters navigating the expectations of young adulthood, with truthful performances and thoughtful direction.

Learn more about the making of Latchkeys with Writer/Director Katie Kim and Actress/Producer Flora Jiwu Yoo.  Moderated by Stephanie Giang (Web Show Page Producer for FOX News, and FOX Asian Community Exchange (ACE) Member.)


Secret lives of asians at night Q&A

“One to Watch” award

 Vibrant and creative filmmaking filled with originality and many surprises, we’re intrigued to see what’s next in store for the filmmaker. 

Learn more about the making of Secret Lives of Asians at Night with Actor Jae Shin.  Moderated by Stephanie Giang (Web Show Page Producer for FOX News, and FOX Asian Community Exchange (ACE) Member.)



Learn more about the making of Sesang with Writer/Director Jules Suo.  Moderated by Joseph Yun.